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If you are a National Customer (Spain), with Spanish ID or NIE for Foreigners living in Spain you can Buy Now and Pay Later!

Who can buy using Paga+Tarde?

Any person older than 18 year, with Spanish DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad) or with NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) and who has a Spanish National Credit Card.

¿What documents do I need to do the Request?

You don't need any document as proof of income or payroll, you just need your credit card at hand.

¿Do I need to Register to Use Paga+Tarde?

No, Paga+Tarde provides you fast and direct service. You don't need to register to benefit from the service. Automatically just after using our service, we will send you an email with the access codes to your user panel where you can manage your financing.

¿What is the minimum amount to apply for my financing?

None! With Paga+Tarde you will be able to finance any purchase you make, regardless of the amount.

¿Why did I receive an email from Paga+Tarde if I haven't finished the process of financing?

Paga+Tarde, as a regulated financial entity, complies with the European Consumer Financing Law that establishes that the user must receive the standard European pre-contractual information on consumer credit before hiring.

What happens if my application is rejected?

If unfortunately your request is rejected, you must click on 'Return to the store' and select another payment method to finalize your purchase.

Is it obligatory to obtain financing for the contracting of some kind of insurance?

No insurance is required or any other requirement is requested.

How do I Pay my Fees?

First fee: The first fee will be charged after indicating the details of your bank card in the last step of your financing application.

Following Fees: Paga+Tarde will charge automatically your month fees on the credit/debit card you provide during the contract. 

¿What kind of Bank Account Card do I need for using Paga+Tarde? 

First fee: Paga+Tarde allows to use any Nacional Credit Card for the first fee.

Following Fees: The payment of successive fees can be made through any debit card. If in the application process you have provided the details of a credit card, you must change it for a debit card for the following fees. By VISA and MasterCard regulations, you can not use a credit card for the payment of a financing.

If I made the payment of the first fee with a credit card, how do I add my debit card?

To change your card, you only have to access 'My account'  ‘Mi cuenta’ ( with your National ID and password. CLick on your cards “Tus Tarjetas” and then add card ‘Añadir Tarjeta’.

Since when can I pay back or advance my monthly payments?

One day after the approval of the financing you can pay back or admortize your fees.

Can I advance my pending payments?

Of Course! On Paga+Tarde you can pay back anytime your pending payments and finalise your financing.  In that case, the total interest payable decreases, paying only the interest in relation to the time you have had the financing.

What happens if I return the product I purchased?

Don't worry, it will follow the same process as a normal return. We will refund all of your money paid so far and the outstanding capital will be canceled.

Are there additional costs if I am late in paying some of the fees?

In the event that Paga + Tarde can not fully or partially charge your monthly payments, you will have to pay a penalty of 20€ per unpaid fee up to a maximum of 40€. In addition, for each day of delay in the payment of the fees, you will have to pay a interest in respect of late payment on the amount of the pending financing, of 2% higher than the APR. In no case, this interest will be higher than 25% APR.

¿What is Paga+Tarde?

Paga + Tarde, belongs to the Digital Origin group, is a financial entity that carries out all its operations through Pagantis, an entity regulated by the Bank of Spain. Considered as a pioneer company, at a national level, on instant credit to the consumer, has extensive experience in the financial sector and ways of payment. Its offices are located in Madrid and Barcelona and have more than 100 employees who are responsible for ensuring customers data safety and confidence.

Bank: Ibercaja
Bank Address: Calle Canarias 64 - 2, 28045 - MADRID