It is in our DNA the need to co-create and collaborate with other inspiring projects. So these are some of the results of these pleasant companies.

Yes lubes - UK

How can we not go hand in hand with a lubricants company whose slogan is "To Change the World from the Inside"?. It’s the company we would like to work with if we weren’t at Atelier BS!. Yes Lubes manufacture environmentally friendly lubricants, not tested on animals and processed without any chemicals.

Erika Lust - Spain

Still an institution within erotic films production, author, mother, and blogger based in Barcelona. All the love and the admiration for this worldwide won awards winning director. It is a big pride for BS Atelier to be part of some of her film projects. Web:

Erika Lust

The Crash Pads Series - USA

Pink and White Productions creates a visual world around queer erotic. BS Atelier has contributed to its complex and rich production, providing a perfect dildos for their delicacies. Web:

CrashPadSeries           CrashPadSeries

Ainsley - Italy

The Italian shoes brand Ainsley invited us to collaborate with them in designing a DildoShoe and we said yes!. Ainsley manufactures delicate shoes and boots designed for your erotic life enjoyment and for us it is wonderful to collaborate with this footwear artisans that goes much further in their art. Web:


O.R.G.I.A. - Spain

This is not a partnership, rather they are family. O.R.G.I.A. is a collective of research and artistic creation on issues relating to gender, sex and sexuality from a feminist and queer positioning since 2001. It's a two-way flow flowing and feeds each other. Web:


Grupo FIDEX y Universidad Miguel Hernández - Spain

FIDEX Research Group (acronym of Figuras del Exceso y Políticas del Cuerpo), from Universidad Miguel Hernández, consists of artists, teachers and researchers from this University with whom BS Atelier collaborates permanently focusing on the study of the trinomial sex-gender-sexuality and its artistic and visual correlation. Web:

PORYES - Germany

Feminist Porn Award Europe (Berlin) it is a festival not to miss if you like porn. Each year BS Atelier sponsors PORYES and wish them many years of good and hot movies. Web: