Your dildo is unique

The process of creating custom dildos is fundamentally about listening and responding to the particular needs of each person, as our dildos are such a personal product, we offer a great degree of flexibility in regards to colours in order to adapt BS Atelier products to your aesthetic essence. 


You can now design your own bespoke dildo specification online, using a wide selection of our colour palette. Once you are in the selected product, Custom category, choose a colour for each area indicated in the illustration with a number. Using our online bespoke facility, you will be asked to fill out the form below with the colour of your selection from the "Our Colour Range" chart. Please, use the exact name from this list (e.g. purple, macchiato or PR, MAC) and then save it.

You can then purchase your bespoke dildo online just like a normal dildo. Normally you would need to allow 5-10 working days for despatch of your bespoke dildo, although it could be sooner. Please note that we charge an extra premium cost to regular prices for our bespoke service in order to cover the additional labour involved in making a bespoke product.

Please also note that bespoke products are not returnable, although our normal product guarantee against any manufacturing defect applies. If you need further support, please email us to discuss your requirements at Custom BS Atelier.


* Go to Custom category.

* Choose a dildo.

* Choose the size, when it is required.

* Scroll down to Product Customization.

* Fill out the Colour election form.

* Use the colours names from the "Our Colour Range" chart.


* Add to cart.

Go to CUSTOM products.