About BS Atelier

BS Atelier Team

At BS Atelier we design, manufacture and distribute sex toys as pieces of absolute pleasure. All our products are individually handmade using traditional techniques in our workshop in Valencia. We carefully study the aesthetic and ergonomic potential for each product.
We manufacture with the highest quality materials. Throughout the manufacturing process we only use medical grade silicone and pigments. We distribute worldwide so you can find our products in emblematic stores in Tokyo, New York, Berlin, Toronto, Sydney, London, Madrid ...

Beatriz Higón

I have managed to gather several of my passions in BS Atelier, and BS has given me a lot of learning and a way to work which fits me. I graduated in Fine Arts, I was trained in aesthetics, design and artistic theory. I have run the family business, illustrated books and I consider myself an enterprising person. But above all, I found in the artistic collective O.R.G.I.A, the field of research that feeds me: sex, gender, feminism, queer identity and a working way genuinely horizontal and teamwork. I think we have reached that BS Atelier to have a bit of this, as well as being a sustainable project with enormous human value. Here I feel as at home and in the world at the same time.

Nuria Faba

My job at BS Atelier is to participate in most of the stages of creating erotic toys: from the exchange of ideas regarding design, materialisation in prototypes and its subsequent elaboration. I have a degree in Fine Arts, with a specialisation in Artistic and Technical Ceramics, I have completed my Master's degree in artistic production and I am currently studying my doctorate in art and research at the UPV. My work experience as a sculptor and as a laboratory technician for ceramic dyes has offered me the tools to tackle the challenge of artisan production in each of its phases. I am committed to BS Atelier, with its eagerness to get a handmade design product, sustainable and non-toxic.