Our Process

At BS ATELIER our designs are handmade using a polished technique and a deep insight into sexuality. We think, design and model erotic pieces. As designers, we draw elegant shapes that move between fashion and design so that they are tantalizing to look at and which are very effective at stimulating erogenous zones. Our products are not mass produced, from the first sketches to the development of the colour, everything is made by hand. Each piece is a one and only with character and personality.

We dedicate our best skills and all our full attention to every piece. We like to get a perfect finish, especially in the colour of each design. We work with our hands because it is our expertise and because it is a personal way of creating unique sex toys for people who are looking for something high-class. To reach these quality products standard and to guarantee our team’s slow-life working environment policy, BS production needs its time. Almost every dildo (except plain colour ones) has several pourings and dryings up to be entirely finished, therefore one piece of work might usually take usually 48 hours.

As manufacturers, we have found a very old profession and we want to maintain this craft and to continue it as a sustainable and environmentally friendly one. We offer exclusivity in each design.

100% silicone

At BS ATELIER we’ve chosen a medical grade silicone, because it is the most suitable material for safe and carefree pleasure.

Our silicone is completely free of phthalate. The fact that BS silicone is hypoallergenic and contains no toxic substances, means that you can enjoy our dildos with complete confidence. BS silicone combines strength and flexibility, our dildos are firm which makes them easy to control and flexible to adapt to the erogenous zones.

The silicone acquires and maintains body heat and it also can be heated or cooled if desired.

A BS Atelier toy is designed to be enjoyed for many years.


When we designed our packaging, our most ambitious goal was to minimize the damage that some packaging can have on the environment. We wanted primarily a package that reached a very high standard of environmental responsibility and minimized the ecological impact without neglecting the protection or visibility of the product.

The first premise was to reduce packaging and to avoid waste. The search was not easy, to find a transparent and safe package that satisfied our expectations of hygiene and closeness, that was also printable and reusable or recyclable took long hours of research.

Finally, we found a lightweight packaging option that allowed us to save space and reduce weight in transport which is also an attractive and practical way to display the product on the shelves.